My Story (Part 1)

My story begins when I was 6, I was molested by a man my parents allowed into our home, it was a very scary moment in my life the fear that ran through me not knowing what was happening, but knowing it was NOT OK, but so scared stiff not knowing what to do. I can still feel that moment now it never goes away, you just learn to deal with the trauma. I never told anyone about this at the time because I didn’t know if I should, which I live with now, but I didn’t feel I could talk to anyone.

Next I was 12 and had my first boyfriend and was playing around with him and he made a remark to me so I hit him jokingly, Well that was the worse thing I could have done because he lost control and beat me. He beat me so bad I couldn’t move my right arm, I was bruised all down my right side. At first I didn’t say anything, but I went to school the next day and me teacher noticed something was wrong, and tried to touch me, so I told her I fell off me bike, she then sent me home. I then had to tell me mum what happened and she told me I deserved it, because I hit him first. No one deserves this no matter what, but I was made to feel bad.

Then at 16 I met an woman older than me who introduced me to her boyfriend and his friends. Well this would be a nightmare. She took me to her boyfriends house where she left me with his friend alone, so he thought he could rape me, I was screaming for her help, with no such luck, even though she was in the next room. I eventually got away, ran out of the house and hid scared out of my mind, feeling so dirty, and alone. I stayed outside all night till my friend came out in the morning, I said I want to go home, so she took me home, but on the way home she asked me what was wrong, I told her what happened and she said I deserved it because I shouldn’t have been flirting. So it gives the right for a man to take advantage of a woman.

Then a few weeks later my mum kicked me out of home, so then I was out fending for myself, which saw some very dark times.

Open Up

I started this blog on the hopes of sharing with people the harsh realities of Mental Illness and Chronic Pain, in hope that there would be less fatalities. I read of the fatalities and it makes me sad. I know how hard it is to live with Mental Illness and also lose someone from the same Mental Illness I have, and how hard it is after they leave. I know we don’t suffer anymore, but the one’s we love suffer long term in replacement.

I can’t sit here and say I haven’t thought about it, because I would be lying, but I think of how many would suffer more without me here. I know I have the worse days, but they come and go. I don’t feel them all all the time, and when I’m at my worse I seek help.

I fight every day with the demons that live inside, due to the people who have brought harm to me. And I struggle every day with Chronic Pain, but I keep pushing through because I know my family LOVE me and NEED me, which keeps me fighting. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s easy, because it’s far from that. I just want you to know even at your lowest point, open up to someone close and talk it out, or seek help, because the people you leave behind suffer in the long run.

The Darkest Days

Let me explain my darkest day, these days are the hardest and most scariest, the one’s I dread the most. On these days you don’t want to get out of bed as you know everything is going to bother you. These days happen when my week has got on top of me, in meaning this, is too many of my triggers have happened all at once, and I can’t control my thoughts and feelings. A dark day for me is a day I prefer not to live, the emotions are so overwhelming and hard to control. From the littlest sound that bugs me, noise being too loud, (it sounds like a speaker in my head) that feels like it takes away your thoughts and concentration. you feel like a ticking time bomb. You can’t talk to anyone because you can’t express yourself. I don’t like to be touched or hugged, which is hard being a mum. These days I just need to be alone and have no triggers. Because these days can go very wrong, These are why they are my scariest days, these days are the one’s I know I have to shut the world out to get through, You have to have the strength to push through, and an understanding family network. these are the times I need them the most, just to be there to keep an eye on me and keep me safe.


Why is that when it’s a miserable day outside, it makes everyone around so gloomy, which then entail you to feel gloomy? We all hope for rain, but when it comes it just puts a damper on everyone’s mood.

The Inside

People see with their eyes, which makes living with Mental Illness and Chronic Pain so hard. People don’t see the pain we carry on the inside, the struggles, the anxiety. The constant battles with ourselves. From the fights we have with ourselves over getting up, to how hard it was getting ourselves out of the house. To now fighting to keep ourselves out long enough to get things done, before not being able to stay out anymore because your getting so over welcomed, that you need to be back in the comfort of your own home. This is my reality every day, and many just like me. this is why I want people to understand, just because you can’t see something on the outside doesn’t mean something isn’t going on, on the inside. A simple are you OK is all that is needed, and never judge a book by it’s cover.


The emotionless feeling you get when you “don’t know how you feel”, or “why you feel the way you do”. When you can’t be any emotion, and you can’t express the feeling, but just feel all numb. These days aren’t my favourite, as they can’t be explained, you just need to be comforted. These are the days you need the support from loved ones, no questions, just a shoulder and a bit of love.

A Difficult Task

Today I wanted to share a difficult task. The difficult task of getting out of bed, the difficult task of getting in the shower, the difficult task of getting dressed, going out, or it may be as simple as making a phone call, that can be the biggest challenge of your life.

For me there are many tasks that are difficult they are having a shower, it’s not that I don’t want one, for me it’s painful to have one and it makes me sick, so the thought of how I will feel when I’m in there and after stops me from getting in.

My biggest and the worse task is phone calls, I struggle to overcome this. I cannot answer the phone unless I know who it is, even then sometimes if I don’t feel like talking I won’t answer. I also struggle to make phone calls, due to fear of people.

Over time I have put in some different strategies together to help me cope, these are by having appointments texted messaged, emailed or a message left on my message bank. Having my husband make the phone call for me helps by not getting myself all worked up. If I’m having the difficult time of not being able to get in the shower, I just push myself to get dressed, at least to have accomplished one of my tasks I don’t feel like I have failed.

Everyone impossible tasks are different, the challenge to complete these tasks are extremely hard, and frustrating and one of the worse parts to MH.
Just remember, if you get up you have achieved one accomplishment for the day and be proud of your self for that.

A Little Insight.

My story begins as a child when I was taken advantage of by someone who was brought into my family home. That was the start of my life changing forever. The trust you have in people goes, the fear of people comes, not understanding what has happened, but knowing it’s not right. The “do you tell” or “not to tell”. All the questions, but not knowing the answers. Back then I didn’t think I could talk to anyone, I wish I could have, but there was so much going on that made me not talk. This is the reason I want to share my story so people are more a where of who is around and how they communicate with their families.

Today is The Day

Let me introduce myself to you: My name is Jen, I am a wife and mother of two. I am here to tell my story of life behind my smile. Here’s my story: I suffer with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Chronic pain. Life is not always as it seems, some days are harder than others, but taking one day at a time is the best for me. I have decided to share my story in the hope of helping others, to let them know they are not alone, I know its not easy, but life is precious. Life for me hasn’t been an easy one, I have been through a lot in my life, this includes physical and mental abuse. There are going to be lot’s of ups and downs and lot’s of very personal details and heartache shared, but I hope you will come follow me on my journey and hopefully I can help you., keep strong, smile, and keep one foot in front of another.
This is where my story begins.