The Stigma Needs To Stop!

In writing this blog I write this in the hope of getting the word out there of how people like me who suffer should never need to feel ashamed of who we are, or hide who they are. If we open up or talk to people we should never be judged for doing so. We are just as human as the next, we bleed the same blood, we didn’t ask for this life, we deserve the same treatment as any other person.

I say this due to the judgement made by many we come in contact with and it needs to stop. On many occasions I have been judged by Psychologist for what they call dwelling on the past, I’m sorry my past is what caused my Mental Health Conditions. I don’t need to be judged, I come to you for help to heel from my past. Or being reported to the authorities for having a bad day. We come to health professionals for help, not judgement.

You go to the GP’s for medical issues, but they blame it on your Mental Health, WHY? Why is it always an issue, why is it always the first excuse for your health?

People call a helpline and get judgement, these people aren’t meant to pass judgement they are there to listen. People ring suicide lines and can be told they are being selfish, who does that, and they wonder why there are so many suicides out there.

Then we come to Medication, Well that’s another thing, sometimes they don’t check up to see how it’s working, The costs in paying for medication can be too much for some, so some may not get their medications, or they don’t give the correct medications or do the wrong treatment.

Psychologist/Counsellor appointments can be quite costly. For some of us, weekly visits or more are a necessity which can be very expensive which doesn’t help us trying to recover. Even having to go to any appointments for most people is almost impossible as money is almost never possible.

There are so many things out there that prevent us from getting the correct help and care, we deserve so much. So many of us lose our lives just fighting to keep alive. The Mental Health System needs to change, Psychologist/Counsellors need to change the way they talk to clients, and Doctors need to stop, think and listen to their patients and make sure to follow up.

In the end, the stigmas need to change. We have the rights just like anyone else. Lives need to be saved not lost.

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  1. people do feel SHAME because of peoples views /judgements that are
    very Snotty Nosed ..i have m.e ..ibs ..migraines long list health issues .i take part in a lot lot research
    my blog,http;//

  2. I can relate to GPs blaming physical health issues on mental health… I had a blood test done showing I was anaemic but my GP insisted the numbers weren’t bad enough for me to be experiencing any symptoms, that I wasn’t officially anaemic until the numbers were below a certain level, and said it was probably just my anxiety. He advised doing some exercise to help me feel better… the main reason I was there was because I’d fainted after a short run (and I had been running a lot until that point).

    I looked it up later and he and he had the threshold wrong, which wasn’t very inspiring. I saw a different GP soon after who put me straight on iron tablets without mentioning mental health at all.

    I mean, he was right, I did have anxiety issues and that has contributed to feeling generally unwell in the past, but I’m also pretty sure my anxiety was worse at that point BECAUSE of the anaemia (and I started feeling a lot more stable after it was treated properly by the other GP). You have to be self motivated with these things, which isn’t easy when you’re feeling bad (mentally or physically).

    1. I’m glad you processed with getting checked by another GP and got the help you needed. I know that our anxieties can make things seem more than they are, but we do know in our selves when somethings not right.

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