All my life I have struggled to fit into my family. I felt like I have had to be someone I’m not to make my parents happy. I felt like I could never do right. I always felt alone, and not wanted.

When I was a teen I wasn’t wanted by them and told to leave at 16. After a few years of living away from home I forte for the next 20 years for them to love me. “Over time that’s really what you pine for and that’s love.”

I realized over time it just wouldn’t happen. You can’t make people want to do something they don’t want to do. I had to except that I wouldn’t be who they wanted me to be. To be me I had to give them up as they did me.

Being a mum myself I don’t understand how parents can be like that to their own children, all they need is love and support. Not judgement and criticism. All need is to be excepted for who they are no matter what.

People don’t realize what this does to a child. I struggle now due to this. The people who brought me into this world are the ones who should have loved me and protected me, they are the ones you are supposed to trust, but they are the ones who hurt me the most.

Being supportive and loving to children is the most important in growth.

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  1. Family dynamics are hard to understand. I have had disappointing experiencesI never imagined my family would do. It left me feeling unloved. Great post

  2. I am so sorry. Family can be complicated, it can make or break you. I am me because of my loving parents. No matter where life takes me I feel so blessed because of the family that I have. But… I know a lot of people who are dealing with this same issue. I may be one of the few who got lucky, but you are also blessed because you are for sure a great Mom. 🙂 You take care always.

    1. You are truely blessed, but I also feel truely blessed even though I have no parents I have more than that in my family, they have given me all I need. Thank you and you too take care

      1. Sorry Jen for the late response, was working these past few nights. I am glad that you have some people that give you love and support. They are your family.

  3. I wanted to commend your courage. I don’t often share my family’s disregard for me because people often don’t understand it. You’re right though, as a parent myself I will always love and value my children no matter what.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I do understand that. It took along time for people to understand where I was coming from. Just be happy for you. Being a parent knowing that’s how we feel we about our children, that’s why we can’t comprehend why our parents don’t feel the same about us, but in the end we can’t make the be who we want them to be even if they are our parents and that’s the hardest to come to terms with. I hope things work out for you.

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