Anxiety is that mechanism is your brain called fear, but amplified 100 times more.

It’s that fear of judgement the moment you leave your house wondering if your going to have to talk to people you don’t know or see someone you don’t want to see.

The constant fear of the what if’s, what if this happens or what if that happens that consumes you whole.

The constant fear of having to face people wandering if they are looking at you because of the way you look or wandering if they are talking about you.

No matter how hard you try to ignore the fear it finds it way to consume you.

This is what anxiety feels like to me.

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  1. Anxiety for me can be my heart racing and my body feeling like it’s shaking, or tense.
    Breathing rapid, if I can’t get it under control which leads onto feeling sick.
    My stomach can flare up too with cramps, or a quick trip to the loo.
    It can be the what if’s too. I have to watch myself with those, if I start with that one.
    This is what my anxiety can be at it’s worst, but thankfully the worst is not often as it once was. But I do have bits of it still, which is the feeling of of being shaky, which I seem to be feeling first thing as I wake and for some minutes after.
    The other being certain parts of my body tense, that I spot later in the day, or evening.

  2. I know what your going through. Anxiety has been a life changer (negatively) for me. Its now reached a level where it’s literally crippling, sometimes so bad to where i feel like the floor physically being pulled out from under my feet and i get so dizzy to where it feels like i am caught in an endless loop. It even feels like I’m physically doing flips in my stomach and my vision, i can’t walk. It progressed to that point in me and forever changed my definition of bad anxiety. Reading your posts gives me hope that maybe one day it will subside to a manageable level. Keep up the good fight! and Thank You

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me, I know how overwhelming it can get, pushing through that feeling is the hardest task at times it can still hold me back. But you can do it, you have the strength, you are stronger than you believe, believe in yourself. Keep fighting you will get there in the end 💜

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