Appreciating The Smallest Things.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

When I sit and think about how my life has turned out, I have to think how much it made me change as a person. As much as I hate what happened to me, it has made me appreciate things a lot more. Things I use to take for granted I would only wish I never took for granted. Like the small things that I accomplish now I appreciate so much more.

Just going out in the sun is a hard task as I am sensitive to light, not only are my eyes sensitive that cause my migraines to become more intense, but my skin has become more sensitive to the sun due to the medication I take I burn in as little as 20 minutes, so I need to be very careful.

I would never wish my life on anyone, as it’s not easy to live, but this is the life I was given and it has made me appreciate the smallest things in life. I treasure my children and every milestone they make. I take one day as it comes and appreciate each and every day I’m here.

Just being told that you are special or that you are loved is a small thing, but it means so much, these are small things in life that need to be appreciated more.

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