As Raw As It Gets

It’s been such a long time writing, something I do really miss, but getting my mind to do so is another feat in its own.

I always said I would be as raw as it comes, but being so sometimes can be to forthcoming.

Mental Health is always a battle big or small, but most of all crippling. It can take the littlest thing and make it so big. You can overlook what’s really most important.

Many out there don’t understand how our minds work, just making a simple remark can seem so little to someone, but means a complete heartbreak for someone like me.

Understanding someone with a brain like mine can to many feel like walking on eggshells, but understanding how I got here and how to speak to someone like me makes the world of difference.

Love and understanding is all we ever wish for. A cure would be awesome, but just a little caring is all we need.

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