BAM it Hit.

You never want to admit when you know your mental health isn’t coping, but it’s become my reality. This is the reality of Mental Health, it just hits you. We fight so hard to keep our heads up out of the water, and BAM it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

Even to the best of us, we lapse, but I want you all to understand the reality of Mental Health for all it is. I have always tried to stick true to who I am, even on the bad days. Mental Health is one of the hardest conditions to live with, relapsing is something we do on occasions, usually brought on by triggers.

My Mental Health has just been pushed to its limits, it started off with a trigger, then stress, then my health. All combine pushed it too far. You get to the stage where you feel numb, frustrated, angry, alone, like you can’t talk to anyone. Like there’s no point. You know it’s only your mind doing it as it can’t cope with anymore.

This is the time when people with Mental Health need the most help, they need time out. They need to get what’s inside out. They need absolutely NO STRESS. It’s important to never turn your back at the time. Remember it’s not them it’s their minds acting out.

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