Day With The Girls.

Yesterday I had a day out with my girls for a little retail therapy.

We had fun looking around at the shops, if my youngest one had her way she would have brought everything she set her eyes on, but what can you say she’s just like any other child.

We also sat down for a lovely lunch. It was great getting out for a day with my girls. The girls did appreciate being out as they continued to thank me when we got home. They are so sweet.

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  1. Hi Jen How’s everything? I am happy you are having a great time with your girls 🙂 🙂 I am not a kid anymore, but I am like your youngest. lol When it comes to shopping I can be so bipolar, I can be soo stingy for season and will find myself doing shopping spree the next day. Anyway, it just happen when I am soo tired and I think I deserve something for my hard work after all. 🙂

    1. I’m chugging along, how are you going? Hows things going with you? I love being with my girls as you know. You deserve to treat yourself you work hard. Thanks for stopping by missing your friendly comments. take care xxx

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