Don’t Let It Be TABOO.

Growing up speaking up about being raped or abused was taboo which made coming forward so hard if impossible. For me it was impossible to come forward talking about things like that was taboo.

These days it’s spoken about everywhere I’m so grateful of that, that the younger generation doesn’t have to suffer as I did, and many like me did.

Many get angry when it is shown like it is in 13 Reasons Why. I as a victim of abuse have watched this series and are glad someone brought to light these issues society has. Yes, I know they are confronting, but it’s reality.

This was my reality when I was a teenager, I didn’t have anywhere to go, anyone to talk to. This was almost my end, but I’m a survivor. We don’t all end up like this, but it can happen. There are so many different ways things can go if we only changed our directions, I think this is a really good way to help us look at how our actions can affect others and our future choices.

No one should suffer in silence, it shouldn’t be taboo, unfortunately, this is reality. The more we are open about it hopefully the less it will happen or at least people know they won’t have to suffer in silence.

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  1. very very very well said well done .sexual abuse is Taboo ., one reason why my
    story about sexual abuse is in a Authors book . the pain is like NO-other .night
    mares /flashbacks .i have m.e because i was abused by DIFFERENT adults
    who took TURNS ON ME ..the SCARES ARE THERE FOR LIFE ..ware is help
    understanding PEOPLE BLAME ..ME ..YOU
    my blog,http;//

    1. I’m sorry you went through the same, but I’m also glad you got to tell your story, it’s takes courage to speak up and that’s exactly what you did, speaking out and not making it taboo is keeping people like us from suffering even further. ❤️❤️

      1. are you on Linkedin ,, i am.. no need to say Sorry BUT IT HELPS sorry for
        what you went through .peoples vies/judgements are very Snotty Nosed EVEN
        more so BEING DISABLED ..nobody too talk be friends help each other
        in stories about Abuse MEN ARE TO BLAME .i can understand this BUT
        THIS …//NO-WAY AM I .. yet it gives me a very bad name ..i feel nothing but


        1. I know, don’t ever feel ashamed for what happened to you, men are just as much abused as woman, people should also be a ware of this, sharing our stories can only show people out there that it doesn’t matter who we are or what gender we are we all all vulnerable. Keep doing what your doing 🙂

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