Getting Health Care Providers Trained

When I sit here and think about the body image blog I wrote, it makes me think about how important it is not only for people to think before they say, but also for medical professionals. Over and over again I see in tweets people making remarks to medical professions not thinking before they speak. I have also experienced this myself.

I have also worked with Mental Health patience’s and heard first hand, the cruel and mean things people can say to them. This should never be the case. I have worked with people with Mental Health conditions and trained in, dealing with them, learnt how not to trigger them. I also took the time to learn about the patient (their medical conditions) before seeing them, so I didn’t make them feel uncomfortable.

I think training Mental Health courses should be compulsory if you work in the Health Care Industry (eg: RN, EN, Paramedic, Personal Care Workers, Doctors). It would help Mental Health suffers receive the correct help and care. It would help suffers feel more comfortable seeing a medical professional if they didn’t get judged. Hopefully, it would make suffers be more open to talking with their GP’s if they understood more.

I hope one-day Mental Health is understood by all, so all suffers don’t have to feel like we do. And no more lives lost. xxx

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