I am Me

Over my life I have developed into who I am due to the unfortunate advents that took place through out it. It’s made me more aware of my surroundings, who I have in my life, and who I am as person. It hasn’t been easy to make the choices I have, but having to make the choices I have, have helped me heal and move forward in my life.

Living with mental illness is not easy, there are lot’s of struggles we fight against every day, but over time we find mechanisms that help us cope day to day. One of my biggest things is having someone with me when I have to go out, as I don’t cope on my own. As I’m scared of the unknown and also scared of people, but find it easier when I have someone with me.

Over time I have learnt to except me for who I am and what I have. I can’t change what happened to me or fix it. I just keep one foot in front of another.

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