I Coming Out Of The Hole

I have been sitting here for the last week trying to work out what to write, but haven’t been able to put my words together.

I’m one person who doesn’t like to burden people with my problems or make anyone feel sad or worried for me, so I tend to keep my feelings to myself.

The last few weeks have been extremely hard for me I can’t lie. I have fallen into my deep hole I can’t seem to drag myself out from.

I tend to find when I’m in my hole I block out the world to try my best to work on me. I’m slowly getting there as long as I don’t get any more hits.

I honestly don’t think I could cope with anymore hits before I come out of my hole. I know in the end I probably would, but it would take me longer to escape.

Living with mental health is like being a yo yo, you go up and down on a thin piece of string of emotions that can snap at any time.

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