Insight To My Pain.

Today I thought I would let you in on my life with pain. This is one thing I struggle with daily. My pain started from an accident that happened while working, from there it has gathered it’s strength.

I suffer from Chronic Pain, I also suffer from Arthritis in my knees and spine, Degenerative disease in my hips, shoulders and neck. Intracranial Hypertension, Genetically caused Migraines, and Tinnitus (ringing of the ears), to name a few.

I take medication to keep the migraines at a down low, and the pressure down from the hypertension. I am unable to take pain medication now due to liver inflammation, which is making my pain even harder to deal with. I see a physiotherapist which helps, but that’s only while I’m there. Ice is my only comfort.

Living in pain is extremely difficult as it has made my body hypersensitive to many things such as touch, so hugging is excruciating to do. Having a shower is unbearable as having water touch my skin is like having hundreds of needles piercing your skin all at once, the pain from being in the shower too long can make me almost pass out. Even down to brushing my hair as it is unbearable as my head and even my hair is sensitive.

Sound is hard to deal with as it intensifies my migraines, and makes the tinnitus louder, it can also make it feel like I’m deaf as it is impossible for me to hear things. Sleeping is also a challenge as it’s hard to get comfortable, so I don’t have a full nights sleep.

Living with the pain is not easy, but I have many people helping me try to stabilize the pain and make it more comfortable for me to cope. I will be comfortable one day with perseverance.

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  1. This sounds so hard to deal with–especially when it’s invisible, and people just don’t understand. Thank you for your authenticity.

    1. That’s true. Your most welcome. Thank you for this it means a lot when opening up is sometimes so hard. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog it’s much appreciated.

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