It’s All In Your Head (Of Course)

So I wanted to talk to you about the frustrations I have with Doctors and Specialist that excuse all sicknesses for your MH or anxiety. I feel like they use my MH and anxiety for me not being well when they can’t find a reason.

As I sit here to explain my experiences with this I can’t tell you how many times I have been told by them “it’s all in my head”. or “it’s your anxiety causing it”. This becomes very frustrating. It’s not a choice to have PTSD and anxiety. Do they believe we can’t feel or know when something isn’t right within ourselves?

It took me 3 years of fighting with Doctors over my migraines, they continued to tell me “it’s in my head”. Till one day I found a Doctor who finally listened and worked out I have Intracranial Hypertension and Genetical caused Migraines, but without believing in what I knew wasn’t right I don’t know what would have happened, as the pressure was built up so much it was visible in my eyes when it was finally found.

I wish Doctors and Specialist would stop using our MH as an excuse for our sicknesses when they don’t have an answer. We struggle enough without them putting the blame on us. One day it may be a fatal mistake for them for not listening to our medical needs.

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