Just Be You

These days I don’t feel like I am being true to myself.

I set myself a goal that I wanted to create a blog that showed my life, it’s ups, it’s downs. The twists and turns, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I feel like I haven’t kept to my true self lately, I’m not one who likes to complain or have people feel sorry for me, so sometimes I find it hard to write.

I want to share the real battle I have, the one I have with my head on a daily basis. The one I have to get up.

The reality of getting up, the endless fights with my brain, to the endless battle with pain. The excruciating migraines that make my jaw clench.

To getting myself to the end of the day with so much frustrating that my talking turns into screams because I can’t handle the pain anymore.

When my mouth keeps bleeding because all the skin in my mouth has been bitten.

All you wish for is it all to stop, to be normal just one more time.

4 Replies to “Just Be You”

  1. Change could and should be an integral part of our lives. As much as I also love to share the struggles and the bad things that happen to me, I have found that when I do that I do not grow. So part of your blog can be sharing your pain and your struggles, but then you must show people how you became an overcomer. God has put in everyone of us the ability to dream and when we start to dream inside of our minds about how we can get better….medicine is not the answer only a stabilizer, then we can go down our road to success and happiness and not failure. Learn from our mistakes and others, but never stay at that point in our lives. You do not have to accept what others say to you. Often it is not the truth, but just an opinion.

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