Left Heartbroken.

Yesterday I went out to get a haircut which is something I don’t usually get done, as I can’t handle people brushing my hair, but I am in desperate need of a hair cut as my hair is died at the ends.

You know when you need a haircut when your hair becomes so hard to brush it becomes tangled and it feels stiff and looks tacky.

For someone like me going to a hairdresser comes hard as I suffer from migraines and can’t handle my hair being brushed, explaining this to someone I don’t know is not something I feel comfortable doing. So then I become very anxious about the thought of the pain which keeps me from going.

So yesterday was a big deal for me, getting the courage to go. Well, that didn’t go well, firstly, the only hairdresser I know and feel OK in only because I take my husband there was closed (just great) and another one I know because my daughter goes there was closed (hello is anyone open today seriously).

So here I am looking for another one, but I swear they all think I’m rich. I couldn’t comprehend spending $110 on a haircut. I’m not one to spend money on me, so spending that on me was not going to happen. So I came home upset I didn’t get my haircut on the only day I got the courage to do it.

One day I will get the courage again, but for now, I will have to live with what I have. Unfortunately, this is my life, doing just the simplest thing as having a haircut can be the hardest task of all.

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  1. I struggle with haircuts too. Haven’t got one in at least 2 years. They mock my hair and flaky scalp (I use medicated shampoo but nothing gets rid of ALL the flakes), they try to push products, I’ve been called “disgusting”…

  2. i have very bad migraines very difficult combing or a hair cut .people never see
    the every day effects i have Anxiety as well .i am from England .long list health issues ,.m.e .ibs .list goes on
    my blog,http;//mark-kent.webs.com

    1. I sorry you have migraines and anxiety as well, and your right people don’t see the effects, but that’s why I write to help people like us and more importantly others who don’t suffer how life for us feels, so people have an understanding. And maybe if they have family or friends who suffer they will have more understanding of how they feel.

      1. i have family who do understand.i take part in a lot lot research
        most peoples views/judgements are very Snotty Nosed
        with migraines get very nausea then i am Vomiting . tryed all sorts tablets /medicine no -help


        1. I understand I have the same issue I haven’t been able to find the correct medication to help or specialist to help I just get trail medications . It is very frustrating but I see it for me is if I go through this and can help someone else not have to go through the same then I would rather do it. Unfortunately sometimes someone has to be the one who goes through the trials to help others. I know I wouldn’t wish what I have on my worse enemy.

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