Love You

I grew up all my life not feeling loved, in a way I feel that’s what lead me into the hands of the wrong people pining for love I sought. People in situations like this are sometimes taken advantage of. This is what happened to me. I put my trust in people and was hurt.

Trying to find what you believe you need can’t be found in others only yourself, I learnt this the hard way. You can’t make someone love you and that’s OK. Believe in yourself you are stronger than you know.

I think back now and realize that if I didn’t go through what I did I wouldn’t be who I am today. I have taught my children to be the strong independent girls/(one is almost a woman) they are today. To follow their dreams and be happy in all they do.

I don’t wish MH on anyone as it’s a struggle every day, but in my heart this is the reason I am who I am today even with it’s bad days.

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