Made To Feel Like Crap.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

This week was a hard week with being admitted to hospital for a couple of days being away from my family has brought my mood right down. The hospital experience was terrible and not having my family with me made it even worse.

I was admitted due to my GP getting worried over more issues arising from what she thought maybe my head she urgently rushed me to hospital. Once there I became the talk of the hospital (which I will explain in another blog). Specialist and doctors from everywhere were trying to work out what was wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet with very many nice ones, I am not the smallest person and do has some weight and struggle a lot with my weight, but I don’t need to be reminded of it every time doctors can’t find a reason from my issues.

While in there one of the doctors said straight to my face “you know maybe if you didn’t have the weight you wouldn’t have half the problems you have!”, I got these issues while I was small, not fat by the way, and do you really have to blame my weight for all my problems seriously. Most of the specialist and doctors were like that, it was heartbreaking coping with all that.

Also, they wouldn’t allow my family in, it was like I was a germ or something. No matter how many times I asked them if my family could come in they kept saying, “not now just hold off for the time being”. It was so hard mentally being there alone having all these strangers around. I just locked myself in my cubicle and stayed on my phone to my husband the whole time.

Now I’m home I’m worse mentally, I cry all the time, I feel sad and alone. It’s going to take me a lot to get over this, but I will get there in the end.

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  1. I totally understand the trauma of how drs mistreat you- I ended up in a psych hospital after one incident in one hospital- luckily my psychiatrist put pressure on my GP and I went to a different hospital and they found what was causing all the pain. ( and it was not all in my mind) so many drs write you off when you have a preexisting health issue.

    1. I’m sorry that happened to you ❤️ I’m glad you found the cause for the pain 🙂 but your right they do right you off when you have a preexisting Health issue. Thanks for your reply ❤️

  2. I work in a hospital taking blood for the lab and I always try to be opened minded and compassionate when I visit patients. They can often feel so bad that no one seems to be listening to them and many times are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed. So sad. Patients often talk to the lab staff more about what is going on then to the nurse and doctors. We seem to listen more, yet I am helpless to help them. I just try to listen. That is often the most comforting thing I can do for them. Take care and keep on with your journey.

    1. That’s so kind of you ❤️ sometimes just one ear is all one needs 🙂 thank you ❤️ thanks for your reply and sharing your experience with me ❤️

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