Mother’s Day without My Mother

As we all know yesterday was Mother’s day, hope all you deserving mothers got spoilt rotten and had a wonderful day. I sure did by my husband and children.

This has been my second year I haven’t spent Mother’s Day without my mother, and it was nice. I know you may be thinking “What do you mean by nice, it’s your mother?” Well, I say nice because I could be me. When I say this I mean by not being someone I’m not just to make my mother happy.

Every Mother’s day I felt like I had to pretend to be grateful that she was my mother when I wasn’t. I had to wait on her hand and foot, something I always did even when it wasn’t Mother’s day. It was nice just to be me for once, every year I have been knocked to the ground feeling like I was worthless and unloved. I could never enjoy the day with my family because I was always at the bottom of my hole because I felt so down. Now I don’t have to feel like that.

Not having a mother is very difficult, but it is one I had to do. If you have a mother that is good to you please treasure her and everything she does because they are one in a million.

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