My Fear Is Realised

This week has been extremely hard for me, I have tried to find ways to refocus my mind, but it’s been one thing that has been hard to do.

You know when you get news you don’t want to hear, your mind takes over your thought process.

I try to tell myself don’t think about, or just wait and see, but it’s easier said than done.

I finally went and had my scan they have wanted me to do. The one thing I was trying so hard not to do out of fear of hearing news I didn’t want to hear.

Well I got the news I didn’t want to hear, I have not one, but two lumps in my neck they still don’t know what they are, but are in need of removing.

I’m scared out of my brain, and my brain is running one hundred miles an hour, thinking of everything. It’s even worse when they don’t know what it is unless they remove them.

The risks are so high as every surgery, but leaving them there can be higher.

Everyone says don’t think about it, or don’t stress, but how do you tell your mind that. It’s a part of who we are.

The next step is the one I have to stay strong for, keep positive and push through.

Here’s to the next step.

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  1. You are stronger then you think you are. Even though you may quake in your boots. You WILL get through this. You got this. ❤️

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