My Fun Place

Hope everyone is doing OK.

Yesterday I decided to have a day with the family for a day of fun. So the best place I decided to go was the best place I know we can have fun and all be kids including me. Also a place I feel like I can just be anyone and not be judged.

This place is Warner Bros Movie World. My favourite place to have fun along with my favourite Looney Tunes. These are characters I grew up watching. To spend the day with them makes me feel like a kid when you have no worries, no stress, no anxieties.

Watching my children have just as much fun with them as I do makes me happy. Just taking one day out makes a world of difference. It’s a big push for me to get out of the house, but I know it’s worth it in the end.

When I’m struggling with my mind I always try my favourite place to get myself better, or my family I love to make me happy. These things are important to do, these are what keep us here. If you feel low think of your favourite place, music, or people and do something with either one of them that makes you happy.

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