Out With The Family.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

I thought I would write about my family day out yesterday to lighten up the mood. So yesterday I took the family to a place called Paradise Country here on the Gold Coast where I live it’s a farm/wildlife park.

Koala Mother with her Baby taking a nap.

At the park, they have a range of animals from farm animals like: sheep, goats and a cow. They have wildlife animals like: Dingos, Kangaroo and Koalas. They also have things for the kids to do like: Pony Rides and Tractor Rides. They also have Shaun the sheep.

Kangaroo taking a well-deserved rest.

It was lovely to get out with the family for the day. Not that the body is feeling the best today, but it’s all worth it seeing these beautiful animals. Seeing my children with the biggest smiles. How could you not have a great day when you get to play with these cute and cuddly animals.

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    1. They are definitely adorable, yes they can be mean, but only if are mean to them or they are wild. Just like any wild animal they do want they need to do to protect themselves from danger ? hopefully one day you get to enjoy my country and our adorable animals, but only the ones that are hand raised like these ones ?thanks for reply ❤️

  1. I am just talking to my cousin today, she lives in Orange NSW. I am glad you had a great day with your kids. Looking at these furry animals makes me smile, the koala is soo cute. 🙂 Is it true they are always high? 🙂 Sorry just curious.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it made you smile ?, I haven’t been to Orange in such a long time ? yes it is true they are always high, they only go to the ground if they want to travel to another tree, but they usually jump from tree to tree. Don’t be sorry for asking a question I love answering questions ?

    1. It is incredible that we can be so far apart, but yet seem so close. The wonders of the internet ? it is good to get out with the family ? thanks for your reply ?

  2. Australia is definitely on my bucket list! Maybe some day? Don’t know if I am brave enough to go half way around the world. I have a friend who wants to go there also. Animals can almost always make us smile.

    1. I hope one day you get the chance, but I understand the feeling it’s a long way to come ? animals sure do make us smile ? thanks for your reply ❤️

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