Please Skip My Birthday.

Over the weekend it was my birthday, I am one that doesn’t like to celebrate my birthday as it’s a day that I find hard.

Ever since I was sixteen I hated birthdays, why you may ask, well, this day was one I was made to feel not wanted nor loved.

I have never been ungrateful for what I have received but this day I wanted to give everything back.

My birthday gifts consisted of household gifts this included:

  • Towels
  • Dinner ware
  • Pots and pans
  • Knife and Forks
  • Glassware
  • Coffee cups

Everything you needed to move out of home I was devastated. I was a sixteen-year-old girl who already felt unloved who now feels this is their way of saying I was old enough to move out. Ever since that day I have never wanted a birthday again.

4 Replies to “Please Skip My Birthday.”

  1. Where is the sad button when I need it? Can’t click “like” on this. I want to reach out, adopt you. Turn back the clock, and help you realize your worth. It’s never too late, you know, to find love and know loving others. That’s my prayer for you.

  2. The past can be hurtful….we must forgive and move on. One thing I am always telling my children is that I have made mistakes and I am sorry, but I did the best I could. It is hard for my one child to move past my mistakes, but that means that I have done all I can do for him. Now I must look to the future and realize the past is behind. You should enjoy every one of your birthdays. They are a gift from God. Don’t let bad memories ruin it for you, instead make new and pleasant memories for yourself. I care about you even though I have never met you. We are all precious and necessary in this world. We were all made for a purpose and you have yet to discover yours!

    1. Thank you for kind words ❤️ I understand what you mean, You as a parent apologise for your mistakes just as I do, in my situation my parents choose to walk away from my life and my birthday is a reminder of that memory which is still very fresh. I was going to put this in the blog but the memory of that day sticks in my mind, the day they gave up on me, I was kicked out of the home not long after this birthday and forte another 20 years for them to except me till just last year I couldn’t cope with the pain anymore that I gave them the final chance to except what they had done and asked them to do the work when they turned on me and decided I was their problem and told me to leave and don’t contact them to I grow the hell up. Little more to it than that but that’s being nice. I know we are precious and here for a reason what I’m here for I will find one day, but for now I will keep doing what I’m doing. ❤️

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