Protecting My Children.

Living with Anxiety is hard, but protecting my children from the same anxieties and social issues I grew to have was important not pass on to them. It’s been so hard bring up my children opposite to how I feel about people to protect them from how I live, so they don’t end up like me.

Letting go of them when they had to go to school was hard for me, as I don’t have trust in people, but I had to let go of that for them to go to school. Taking them to school is extremely hard as I struggle with people I have to face, but fighting through that every day to show them how important school and socialization is, is the most important part.

I am so proud to say that pushing through my hardest to get my children through their schooling has now seeing my oldest child graduating year 12 this year and I couldn’t be anymore prouder.

Teaching them trust and keeping it by doing as I always promised, if I couldn’t do things I told them. I am honest with them, something people were never with me. I try to give them as much love as I can and be there for them whenever they need me.

I have had to put all my feeling aside to help them, they do know I suffer they do see I have some really hard days and help me get through them. It’s not easy having your children see you at your breaking point, but they are why I am here.

Giving my children the life I didn’t get was most important to me to do, I didn’t want to be like my mother. I wanted my children to know how much they are loved and wanted. How proud of them I am. They are my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Well done..
    For recognising yourself, that your child, may also need support, hereditary dis-ease, maybe all about genetics, we pass our genetics on to our kids..

    What works for you my friend may help prevent or definitely slow down your child’s progression..

    You can help yourself, using naturally products, you can then help your children understand a safe method strategy that benefits you, may then help prevent your children suffering..

    1. Thanks Craig, I have strategies in place to teach my children how to keep calm if things get too much. As I understand it is something that they can follow on to have. It’s important to me to teach them strategies while they are young to hopefully lessen their chances of getting to my degree of mental health. Thanks for taking the time to comment it’s much appreciated.

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