Social Anxiety for Me

I wanted to give you an insight into my life with living with Social Anxiety. Having this has made me an introvert. It’s a very lonely world to live in. It’s not that I don’t like people it’s I fear them. The thought of having to talk to a stranger is scary, it’s almost impossible to do without having a freakout. I try to avoid new situations at all costs, but if it’s impossible to avoid a freak out for me would consist of me:

Having full body shakes, Biting the inside of my mouth, Sweating palms, Stuttering, Not being able to talk a full sentence properly, Not sleeping the night before, Get agitated, Feeling sick, Heart rate racing, Face feeling hot.

Having a freak out can be sometimes scary this is why I try to avoid situations. I have worked many years to try to overcome my Social Anxiety, it is one that is very hard to accomplish, but I have learnt to have one of my family members with me when I get into an avoidable situation which helps lessen the freakouts.

Social Anxiety is one of my hardest Mental health illnesses to deal with as it’s so lonely and hard to express.

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  1. There is a really good blogger on here called The Written Addiction and recently he wrote a wonderful post on Social Anxiety linking it to being bullied. When others hurt you so much or fail to understand or bully you it leaves lasting fear. If I can find the link and you are interested I will send it to you. x

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