Sorry Mr Physio.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Today was a day I needed, but a day I don’t think my physio needed or even expected. I went in for a much needed session today as my body has been killing me. The pain has become quite unbearable these days, but thank god for my physio. He is a blessing.

Today for him was not his day. I’m usually quite the pleasant person, where you can’t tell if I’m ok or not, but today I couldn’t hold in how I was feeling. My physio was quite taken back.

He stated that he was shocked to see me so angry, and that what ever he did wouldn’t take any effect with me being so uptight. Which I know doesn’t help in the least.

Well that’s all he had to say for me to break down. Everything has just got to me over the last few weeks that I couldn’t cope anymore. I do feel a lot better getting it out, but I feel terrible it happened there.

At the end of the day we can’t always be brave can we.

Sorry Mr Physio ?.

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  1. You just feel how you do. It often surprises me how many tears there are under my own anger. It might have felt a bit embarrassing at the time, but I think its good it came out. I honestly don’t think you are alone in feeling angry and sad this week. Lots of hugs <3

    1. Thank you ❤️ I’m glad it came out as embarrassing as it was ? there be something in the air ❤️ hugs to you too ❤️❤️

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