Staying Strong For Others

You know when you need to be strong for others, but inside your fighting so hard to keep your own demons at bay. That’s exactly how I feel.

I’m trying so hard to stay strong for others around me, but I can feel myself falling apart at the seems.

How do you tell people that you aren’t coping when your their only support?

This world can be so cruel. Sometimes it’s easier to walk away, and or shut yourself up. But who does it help in the end?

Got to keep fighting, one foot in front of another.

11 Replies to “Staying Strong For Others”

  1. Staying strong for others is so, so hard when you’re battling yourself as well as trying to keep them afloat. As hard as it sounds, sometimes you really do have to put yourself first. Your mental health has to be your own priority, because you can’t ever truly begin to heal! you’ve got this! 💛

  2. That’s my wife and I. i’m usually the rock in our relationship. But it can be very challenging when my anxiety runs high and i have to keep her level on the daily. It always works itself out in the end because were both hard wired to diffuse a situation even if were both not level. Be honest, just tell those people you can’t always be their rock because you need to be anchored as well.

  3. I believe that evil does not like it when we help other people. The more good you do for other people, the more pressure evil will put on you, and the more difficult life will be. I experience the same think in my life. The key is perseverance and to fight evil with good. Keep up the good work. And just because someone needs to lean on you for support does not mean you won’t need support from someone else.
    Thank you for what you do!

  4. I completely understand this. I try to tell myself that by helping others I’m helping myself (emotionally and mentally). Sometimes this mindset helps me.

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