As I sit here thinking of what to write, I’m listening to music oh how I love my 90’s music. I really loved living in the ’90s actually, the fashion was great, no social media, not many technologies well that I could afford haha. This time for me was definitely less stressful for me.

When I write about these it makes me think of how over time I have found strategies to help with my Anxieties, Mental Health and Chronic Pain as some days can be very hard to get through. I would like to share some of the strategies that help me when I’m not coping. Here are some of the strategies that help me:

Music: finding my favourite music has helped to calm my mind. Arts and Crafts: This has helped me in keeping my mind busy. Garden/Beach: Just sitting or walking in a garden or at the beach helps me clear my mind. It helps get me out of the house and in the fresh air. Take a Drive: Sometimes for me just taking a simple drive on my own makes a world of difference having a change of scenery and quiet time to myself works wonders. Meditating: This works wonders for the mind to settle, but can be extremely hard to do if your mind doesn’t settle. I usually go to the beach or my quiet place where I feel at peace and do my deep breathing exercises. Drawing: This is one thing I love to do to keep my mind busy. Photography: I love to take photos, so I find this keeps my mind busy too. Walk/Run/Exercise: Go for a walk or run. Seem to make me feel good. (Not that I run, but I do walk hehe.) Any exercise makes me feel good.

Over the years I have found giving myself time and treating myself with kindness helps. Knowing that having a bad day is OK, and not to be too hard on me. I hope some of these strategies help provide some help and maybe some new favourite activities to do, as I have found while trying to find ways to keep me going forward.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite decade? Which music genre helps you feel less stressed? Do you have activities that keep you going?

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