I have been sitting here thinking about how to tackle this very hard and complex subject without upsetting peoples feelings. I have been subjected to this from a very young age and it has never been forgotten. The subject I’m talking about is Suicide. I know how touchy and complex of a subject this is, but it’s been something that needs help with.

I first heard of this when I was only a child after someone who my mum worked with’ daughter took her own life. It was devastating, she left four beautiful children that day. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I still remember helping her mum after with the babies to give her a break, I was only a baby myself, but I knew they need all the help they could get. It was so hard without her here.

Again Just recently I lost another person very close he was like a brother to me, I knew how much he struggled with MH, but I only hoped it would never happen.

In both cases, MH played a part in the loss of two beautiful people, which are missed dearly. In the case of the last one he did ask for help, but they failed him when he needed them the most. I think that’s where it goes wrong and where it needs to change.

People in a vulnerable position and despite for help need to be heard not turned away or reported, it does them no favours. Just a simple ear is what they need. We aren’t contagious, we aren’t murders, we just simply have a disease that sometimes gets on top of us, but if we have the support we can get through.

We lose too many beautiful and loving people to Suicide every day and I think it’s sad. I understand why they want to go, but they are needed, as much as they think we will be better off. The pain after they are gone is forever painful. I believe that support is so important in their survival.

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