Oh, The Pain.

Last night was one of those nights when you can’t sleep because you’re in such excruciating pain that no matter which way you lay you can’t get comfortable.

It’s been really frustrating since losing my pain specialist and physiotherapist. The pain is getting unbearable. It makes me feel nauseous all the time.

I’m currently waiting to see new specialists to get more investigations done to find out what’s going on, but waiting for these specialists is like waiting for washing to dry in winter. In the meanwhile, I just have to suck up the pain and keep moving forward.

Hopefully, soon enough I will get some answers and help.

My Day.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

Today I thought I might share what I do when I’m at home. Most people I talk to just assume I sit around all day doing nothing, so I thought I would give an insight into what I do.

Every day is different, apart from taking my children to school and picking them up. Yes, I take my children to school every day, I never miss a day. I usually get started with the morning coffee, blog, and catch up on other blog posts.

I will put on a load of washing if the machine is full. Stack the dishwasher, clean up from breakfast. I’m not keen on a dirty house.

I love to do arts and crafts, so I can get stuck into this most days to keep me busy. I like to make keyrings and phone cases from resin. (Keyrings I have made pictured below)

I also love to draw which is something I do when I can’t manage to get up, and my migraines aren’t so bad. I do miss doing this activity as my migraines do stop me from doing this one.

I don’t like to sit around doing nothing, I try to keep as busy as possible. I try to keep my mind active and my body moving as much as possible. I only do as I can and when I can. It’s important to keep your body moving.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

One Of Them Weeks

Today I thought I would write about my past week, I always said I would write of my experiences even the raw one’s and this week happens to be one of the raw one’s.

You always try to be positive, but we all know this can not always be the way. I have been honest to say that I do have my downs, just as much as anyone else. I myself don’t like to be the one who opens my door to speak when I have these days. I usually close my door and shut the world away, but when I decided to do this blog it came with opening up on my lows and high’s to let people in on the reality of Mental Health and Chronic Illness, so here we go.

The last week has been very hard on both Mentally and Physically, I have been struggling with my health. Firstly I hurt my wrist about 4 weeks ago and it’s still playing havoc on my life, my doctor just keeps giving medication after medication which isn’t helping. I also have intestinal issues which are increasingly getting worse (it looks like I’m 6months pregnant) and I struggle to eat, waiting on surgery at the moment. My eyesight is getting worse (which I found out yesterday), which makes my migraines worse because I strain to see.

Having the extra medical issues it’s causing me to get more stressed out, which then is causing my anxiety to kick in. I’m also feeling more depressed. I’m having issues sleeping, which then is causing my moods to be easily triggered. Having trouble getting myself in the shower, the vicious circle begins.

I have taken the last few days to stop to collect my head before I get lost, so I have taken some relaxation time, family time, and beach time, all the things that I know make me feel better. I feel a lot better today thank god I know I was just overthinking because I was getting overwhelmed.

I know that at the end of the day I will get through each one, but thinking about it won’t help me. I know I need to stop overthinking. Things will turn out.

I wanted to share some inside to my brain this week. hope you enjoyed.


I have been sitting here thinking about how to tackle this very hard and complex subject without upsetting peoples feelings. I have been subjected to this from a very young age and it has never been forgotten. The subject I’m talking about is Suicide. I know how touchy and complex of a subject this is, but it’s been something that needs help with.

I first heard of this when I was only a child after someone who my mum worked with’ daughter took her own life. It was devastating, she left four beautiful children that day. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I still remember helping her mum after with the babies to give her a break, I was only a baby myself, but I knew they need all the help they could get. It was so hard without her here.

Again Just recently I lost another person very close he was like a brother to me, I knew how much he struggled with MH, but I only hoped it would never happen.

In both cases, MH played a part in the loss of two beautiful people, which are missed dearly. In the case of the last one he did ask for help, but they failed him when he needed them the most. I think that’s where it goes wrong and where it needs to change.

People in a vulnerable position and despite for help need to be heard not turned away or reported, it does them no favours. Just a simple ear is what they need. We aren’t contagious, we aren’t murders, we just simply have a disease that sometimes gets on top of us, but if we have the support we can get through.

We lose too many beautiful and loving people to Suicide every day and I think it’s sad. I understand why they want to go, but they are needed, as much as they think we will be better off. The pain after they are gone is forever painful. I believe that support is so important in their survival.