The Aftermath.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

I wanted to share with you how my body reacts to taking a day out. As much as I love taking a day out with the family, there are consequences to doing this in the form of excruciating pain from every part of my body.

Why do I put myself through this? I do this because my family don’t need to suffer because I have an illness. My family miss out on a lot due to all my medical conditions. (Mentally and physically.) Taking one day, for a week of agony is worth it in my eyes.

When I go out for a day even just a mere 2 hours I come home with a swollen leg due to the valve in my leg that doesn’t work, so the blood doesn’t flow. To not being able to walk as my spine has osteoarthritis, I also have sciatica of the spine, so my muscles crap, as well as this burning sensation running through my spine.

With all the pain going through my back it runs into my neck which gives me vertigo, on top of that I have migraines from hell. Most of my joints have Osteoarthritis and I also have nerve damage.

Not only going out is a struggle for me physically, but mentally. Which doesn’t help when it comes to my pain as it causes my pain to be heightened, due to being anxious. When I’m anxious I have a problem where I clench my jaw which is causing a lot of problems with the nerves in my face.

People may say I’m crazy for putting myself through this for some time out, but not only does it get my family out it gets me out, which is needed no matter how hard it is, but it a sacrifice I have to make. I wanted to let people know that just because you see someone out doesn’t mean you know what their next week is going to endure.

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  1. I have a cousin that has almost the same issue with you. She also endures the pain just to travel with her Girls around Europe. Family love 🙂 I hope you are feeling better now. Sending hugs 🙂

    1. I’m sorry she has to endure that it’s definitely not fun, family means more than anything else ❤️ I’m feeling a little better thank you ? thank you for your reply ?

      1. Yes, she can’t technically move like turning on the bed. She knows her prognosis. But I am happy that she still continues traveling 🙂 🙂 Life may gave up on her, but she wont give up for her kids. 🙂

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