The Darkest Days

Let me explain my darkest day, these days are the hardest and most scariest, the one’s I dread the most. On these days you don’t want to get out of bed as you know everything is going to bother you. These days happen when my week has got on top of me, in meaning this, is too many of my triggers have happened all at once, and I can’t control my thoughts and feelings. A dark day for me is a day I prefer not to live, the emotions are so overwhelming and hard to control. From the littlest sound that bugs me, noise being too loud, (it sounds like a speaker in my head) that feels like it takes away your thoughts and concentration. you feel like a ticking time bomb. You can’t talk to anyone because you can’t express yourself. I don’t like to be touched or hugged, which is hard being a mum. These days I just need to be alone and have no triggers. Because these days can go very wrong, These are why they are my scariest days, these days are the one’s I know I have to shut the world out to get through, You have to have the strength to push through, and an understanding family network. these are the times I need them the most, just to be there to keep an eye on me and keep me safe.

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