The Dreaded Day

Today is a day I dread, but I know I need and that’s therapy. I dread this day as I have to relive past events I don’t want to remember, but in the need to understand and move forward in my life. I need to go.

I need to overcome past events. But doing this meaning mentally and emotionally it drains me and takes the next day or two of down days, but I know this is what I need because I have learnt to gain strength and understanding from my past to move forward and make the choices I have .

For so many years I have suffered in silence, but that lead me nowhere but in the biggest hole of my life, I knew I had to get help, but that hasn’t been easy to find. I have been through five different therapists before I found one I could work with, but even then it took me 3 months to open up, but they have been the most patient and understanding which has made it most helpful.

There are good therapists out there. Follow your gut, if you don’t like one move to the next. You need to find one you feel right with. It makes healing easier. Don’t suffer in silence.

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