The Proudest Mother on Earth

If you would have asked me about my daughter 5 years ago I would have told you she is in the darkest whole of her life, Why you my ask?

She was in her last term of year 7 going into high school the next year, begging me not to send her to high school.

She begged her teachers to keep her another year. She was so scared of starting high school.

As a mother you try your best to keep them safe and happy, but sometimes things don’t go to plan.

Her anxiety took the best out of her in high school, her first year was our worse nightmare, she became a self Harmer, but by god I was not going to stand by and let her hurt herself.

I saw myself in her doing the same thing, but I wasn’t going to let it take the best of her.

I packed my family up moved us to another city to start a new live. I worked with her and helped her fight her fight (she never self harmed from the day we left), I was her biggest cheerleader.

My daughter went from failing every class in her first year, to now 4 weeks from graduating high school as an A student.

To top it off she has also had an early acceptance into University in Law and Justice.

If you asked me 5 years ago if this was were my daughter would be I would say no, and not because I didn’t believe she could do it, it’s purely because I couldn’t think about anything but keeping her alive.

Everyone said she would never make it, but I never gave up, no matter how sick I was I drove her to school everyday. Even if she was crying, or screaming, we also text between breaks for her pick me ups.

Now seeing her proud of herself and what she has achieved was all worth it. I could not be any prouder.

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