This Is My Calling.

Sometimes I sit and think about what to write. It can sometimes come to my head straight away or can take hours to pop in my head. I don’t usually know what I’m going to write about because I like to be straight with you all. If I’m not feeling the best I want you to know, if I have read an article that’s got me thinking then I write about that.

I wanted to do this blog to share life’s ups and downs, living with mental health and chronic illness, ideas, and general chat. Having a mental health condition and chronic illness doesn’t mean you can’t live. Yes it’s extremely difficult I’m going to lie, days can be unbearable, but if I let it take me what’s the point living.

When I think about why this happened I think maybe it’s to be the strength to help others living the same life. Why else would I be put here? I have been blessed with the most beautiful loving children, most understanding husband, and a best friend I have had for 30 years that gets me. And to top it off I’m here sharing my story, yes I know they are not the nicest stories in the world, but I am me because I lived them.

If I can help just one person in my life, then even though I have been through the worse, I have been blessed with the best life. You have to turn the bad into something good, hey, but we are here for a reason and I believe this is my reason.

I hope you enjoyed. XXX

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  1. Thank you for being willing to share your story! I look forward to reading whatever you’d like to offer. I, too, struggle with chronic mental-health (depression and anxiety) challenges as well as a life-threatening autoimmune inflammatory disorder. It’s so wonderful to have someone– even just one person– in life who “gets” you. I’m glad you have that in your life. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry that you suffer too. Your definitely not alone in this, that’s why I do this so people like us aren’t alone. ? I’m so grateful I have that person. I hope everyone gets that one person.

  2. I am similar to you! I blog to raise awareness of living with mental illness! Of disability. I blog to be real and be honest I love honest blogs! Yours is fab! xox

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