Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back.

This week has been a struggle week, I try to keep my head above board, but sometimes it’s not that easy. I’m just mentally, physically and emotionally drained. Sometimes I feel like I take three steps forward two steps back, but I know it’s all the part of the fight.

I have tried so hard to keep my head straight after an email from my ex-husband, but that was my trigger to start my fight the last two weeks. He frustrates me so much. Why does he find the need to interrupt my life? Oh, that’s right he thinks now my daughter is 18 he can just come back. He hasn’t been there in years, no Christmas, Easter, or Birthdays. He signed over his rights not to be her dad when she was just 8, then decided, I want her now when she was 12, took me through court for a year, till his then-girlfriend fell pregnant. Then it was I don’t need her anymore, so you can have her again signed, SEE YA. Thanks.

The frustration, but the interruption is mind-blowing. The feelings, all the built up emotions. My mental health goes crazy, which then entails my health and chronic pain to get worse because I’m all tense. Now I have come down with the flu. My immune system fails me when I’m like this that’s why I end up sick.

I think it’s time to do some relaxation, rest, and healthy eating to get me on the mend. Just one trigger can spiral the mind and health out of control so rapidly. This is why it’s important to keep ourselves healthy and in a safe place.

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