Weight Battle

Hope everyone is doing OK.

This is one subject that I didn’t want to talk about, but one I think is going to be one I will be talking about in the future. So I thought I would give you a background to where it all started and why and that is my weight.

I have battled with my weight for a long time now and it’s due to a lot of different reasons. I don’t talk about my weight with anyone as I am embarrassed, I hate the way I look.

There are many things that contributed to me struggling with my weight they come from being dieted as a teenager, even when I wasn’t big. Which eventually grew to hatred for me.

For me, I turned to food for comfort when I was in a depressed state, even though I knew how bad it was for me.

I have always been told I was fat and still are, even worse these are people who are supposed to look after your health not criticize it and they are my doctors. If it’s not my Mental Health they blame it’s my weight. It has got to the point now that they are saying the only way to fix all my health issues is weightloss surgery.

This is one surgery I did not want to do as my mum did this surgery 7 years ago now and yes she has lost the weight, but I saw the struggles she went through I know it’s not easy. It’s a massive lifestyle change, but they say it’s my life or the weight. What do I say? Of course, it’s going to be my life, I just hope they are right.

This is my last hope in getting better, just hope these doctors and specialists are right. Wish me luck!

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  1. I know a lot of people who got into surgery to lose weight, most of them it really worked for them and now they are thinner, yes there is struggle but it is worth it, if your mom went through it than this encouraging she can give you some advises how to cope and give you support

    1. Thank you for your reply I’m glad you know people who went through it and it worked ? unfortunately I don’t have a relationship with my mum anymore and she use to always tell me never to get it done. I don’t understand why she said this that’s probably what put me off. I appreciate you letting me know that it is worth it in the end thank you ?

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