What Happened To Our World?

People always say things get easier with time, Well some aspects of things get easier, but others don’t.

People don’t tell you the older you get the more you slow down, the more health issues you get, the harder it is to fight the littlest thing a simple cold.

Also how much harder it is fighting against your demons. How much you anxiety increases, thinking about the future, making sure your kids are going to be OK.

This world has become so crazy and it’s scary to think what our kids are going to walk through.

What ever happened to the fight people had to have everyone live together as one? Why fight each other now? Where’s the love in this world?

We wonder why there is an increase in mental health issues? Seriously what happened to the world?

5 Replies to “What Happened To Our World?”

  1. Totally agree. People are following external agendas and daily life is made harder by increased expenses and other things put into place by the dysfunctional powers that be. Mentally ill people are just the canaries in the coal mine that sing to tell of how mixed up it all it is.

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling so. It is interesting that in history even though our world seems to be in such turmoil, it is actually the safest times to be living.
    I know it does not help when things around you seem so dire, and you have children and worry for their futures as any wonderful loving parent does Jen. I rarely watch the news, I guess I have freedoms that many others do not and I am so grateful for those.
    I actually am seeing so many positive things happening out in our world. There are many good and wonderful things going on. I know it is hard when your mental health is a battle ground, to feel or perhaps see anything good or positive. Believe me I have been perhaps not in your shoes, but on a similar path. My heart aches that you feel so down Jen. Hugs

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